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These pages contain technical information on our products, or they provide answers to frequently asked questions that we receive.

AC Power Management Videos
In this presentation, you will learn about common AC problems and their solutions. Topics covered include: Surge suppression, AC line noise, voltage regulation, isolation transformers, power sequencing, and much more. Additionally, you will learn about Furman's exclusive technologies, as well as Furman's extensive AC power management product line.

Safety Certification for Power Management Products
This thorough article written by Jerry Hoopes details the various safety labs and criteria that a power management product will go through to acquire a safety certification.

Answers to our most frequently asked questions are gathered here and categorically arranged for your ease of location.

Application Guides
We have developed these application guides to assist you, a dealer or installer, when you are recommending Furman Pro A/V or Home Theater AC power management products.

TechNote - SMP
In a collaboration between Furman Sound and Altima Technologies, we are now able to make product illustrations available for use in diagrams.

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