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When you plug into a Furman unit, you know that you will be receiving the purest AC power available, and the most comprehensive protection from the many electrical events your equipment is subjected to on a daily basis.

However, nothing speaks more to the quality and effectiveness of our products than testimonials from professionals like you who have had their sensitive audio and video equipment protected and optimized by a Furman product.

Here are a few comments from our many satisfied customers. If you would like to submit a testimonial of your own, please email us.

General Praise

" Electrical Protection and filtering are very important to me! I could never afford to replace my gear, and I want the gear I invested in to sound its absolute best. Furman is the brand that I completely trust for protection and filtering! "

- Jeff Hansen
Billings, MT

" I can't wait to start gigging with the new rig (SPB-8). I was always such a tangled mess on the stage, and it was always a time sucking trial setting up while dealing with low lights, dirty floors, and uncooperative cables. "

" Furman goes to my short list of 5 star companies that: 1) make quality products; and 2) have quality service. I will make a point to promote your products to all my friends and professional colleagues. "

- Al Johnson
Amateur guitarist / Professional TV Station Production Supervisor

"We ALWAYS use Furman voltage regulators for our sound systems at the MS-150."

"This is our 5th year supplying sound to over 30,000 bike riders who ride from Houston to Austin, TX every April to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. Since we are out in football stadiums at 5am, fairgrounds and many other sites along the way, we often have to use gas generators for power. Not a problem with the Furman regulators! I won't do any job, band or DJ event without one. My gear is too expensive to take chances with."

- Rick Meyers
Owner - Music Go Round, Houston

"As an digital solutions provider to the audiophile industry, one thing we have to get right to prove our credibility is absolute quality of sound- and we usually only get one chance to prove this. A stable power supply is a mandatory foundation on which to build the rest.

In our demonstrations, Furman power conditioners have proved themselves time and time again in delivering the transparency and detail required in the soundstage that convinces audiophile manufacturers that we are a company that understands what they are all about. "

- Matthew Simmons
Commercial Director, DigiFi, London, UK

Home Theater Products

"The (IT-Reference 20i) has only been powered on for several hours with a three hour warm-up before any music was played and I can already tell you've outdone yourself with the improvements to this unit over the original IT-Ref 20. As good as that one was (and it truly was!) this is even better, thank you!!!

The differences are not subtle except where they are meant to be. I am hearing more crisp, clean highs and bass, a gorgeous mid-range and superb dynamics and imaging improvements. It also helps improve low-volume and near-field listening substantially over what the original IT-Ref 20 already did. This is true across what was already a very impressive 7.1 and 2-channel system. It is a total system upgrade all in one day! I am very impressed and extremely happy! I cannot wait until this unit has 100-200 hours on it!!!"

- Mark
Hartford, CT.

"I have recently upgraded my audio system to include new speakers with a matching amp that is very high current. These speakers have never really 'opened up' like they should have, especially with this amp that was specifically designed to run these speakers.

After installing the PST-10D, the sound quality of the system has increased easily by double. Suddenly dynamic contrasts are HUGE, and the system plays loud like it should with no edge, glare or harshness. It finally is emotionally engaging and I can just listen to the music and not be distracted by mechanical artifacts of poor equipment (former surge protector). The tuner for the first time doesn't have interference in every channel (something previously I thought was due to either poor sensitivity/selectivity or poor antenna placement), now it is clear and quiet. My CD player sounds enormously better as well; it sounds more organic, natural and music like. Imaging has improved several fold and images are now stable and distinct instead of fuzzy and seemingly unstable in their place on the sound stage as before.

I've been skeptical in the past about the benefits of power conditioning and filtering equipment, but no more. You can bet I'll be back for more Furman power conditioning equipment. A job well done to you at Furman on the PST-10D. I'm telling all my audio buddies about it. Thanks again!"

- Eric Wadley
Salt Lake City, Utah

"So I unpacked the Elite 20 PF and to say the audio was significantly better is an understatement. Ok, the center image had significantly improved in focus and width. The sound-stage was insanely wide and open, background detail was amazing! Noise floor was dropped to a level that was stunning. My subwoofer sounded like it had a breath of fresh air. It picked up better dynamics, detail and just raw power if you will. So the video side of the house: black levels that were just to die for."

- Warren D. White
Home Systems Specialist, The Screening Room

"I recently purchased a Furman Elite 15 PF Power Conditioner to provide maintenance-free AC power supply for my high-end HDTV home theater system. Given the quality, dollar investment and professional level of equipment of my system, I was very attracted to this Furman unit as it offers superior sound and picture clarity to other devices available. I can give it my unqualified recommendation for the safety and worry-free operation of home theater components. I am extremely satisfied with its performance."

- Chuck Furman

"I have already witnessed first-hand the remarkable improvement to my system's sound that the Elite 15 made when replacing a Monster conditioner - I can only guess at the potential of the Reference line of products.

Home Theatre Hi Fi is a new and small company, but we are dedicated to both our mission and our products that we carry. I am more than pleased to add Furman to that list, where it will exist as our sole power conditioning product line."

- Charles Palmer
Home Theatre Hi Fi

Pro Audio Products

"I wanted to let you know that a PL-8C saved my equipment this weekend. I am a mobile DJ and was playing a wedding reception this past weekend. The farm where it took place uses a professional grade generator & distro box. About an hour into the dancing part of the reception my amp rack turned off and the "extreme voltage" light on the Furman was lit. I unplugged from their generator and connected my backup generator that I had rented and ran flawlessly the rest of the night. I truly believe had I not had your equipment protecting my equipment that I would probably be replacing my DSP and 2 amps. Thank you Furman!"

- Richard Covington

"The PF-Pro R is awesome. My amp never sounded this good."

- Bob Boisselle

"I've been using Furman equipment for 25 years. These days, I have a "project studio" in the desert near the Mexican border in AZ. I'm off the grid, with a Pro-tools HD studio. Your SRM-80A and HA-6AB are TNT! I use the SRM-80A as a patch matrix and it has exceeded my expectations. I know that you are a good-sized company these days, and I believe that you are in the forefront with many of your products. Keep up the good work!"

- Jay E. Lee

"I picked up a Furman HDS-6 Headphone Distribution System with 6 satellite HR-6 Remote Mixing Stations from Guitar Center in Roseville, Michigan.

At our initial sound-check with the system, we placed the remote boxes around the stage behind each of us, and then merely daisy-chained the units together. There were no more wires than a standard monitor setup, but of course the ugly, heavy wedges were nowhere to be found!

Before we began creating our individual mixes, I had the band play a few songs "flying blind" to set a rough mix. Once the mix was close to right, I had them open their Stereo Input pot, and play a few more songs while using the FOH mix as their reference. Creating the mixes was really as simple going through each channel and raising the aux until that person deemed things loud enough.

There is so much output from the headphone outputs on the remote units, especially when using high-quality earphones such as our Shure e2's, you can barely get the dial close to 7 without sizzling your ears!

Overall the Furman Headphone Distribution System has improved both the sound and ease of use of my band's set up. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great-sounding, cost effective and flexible way to get custom mixes for each member of the band!"

- John Paul Bonadonna
Blonde Tango

"Working out of a construction trailer, I discovered the A/C would trip up and re-start my server every time it switched on.  Since the lights would dim when this happened, I figured it must have been a voltage drop.  Being familiar with Furman Sound products in my home project studio, I bought the AR-15 Voltage Regulator / Power Conditioner.  Since then, I have connected all of my computers, printers and other electronic gear to it and I have not had any problems with my server tripping.  Thanks Furman, for a fantastic product that helped my business!"

- Brian Folkes
Recovery & Distribution Services, Tuscon, AZ

"I have used, abused & de-fused many headphone amplifiers, routers & distribution amps in my long & 'explosive' career...but no, not one company has ever come close to the sherman tank durability as has Furman Sound!  If you're tired of patching together and endless sea of "retail" -Y- cables to connect your "pro-audio" studios...then browse through Furman Sound's extensive line of audio problem solvers & life-savers!  Say NO MORE to 1/4 dB headphone levels...and see some real blood coming from your cans!  Furman Headphone Monitoring Systems can take your ears to places...your other senses only wish they can go!"

- Anthony Ochoa
Salem Radio Networks, Los Angeles

"I've been using Furman products for over 20 years now! I use their products for live performances and also in my recording studio! Nothing gets turned on unless it’s first plugged into my Furman PM-8 Series II."

- Eric Mantel

"I recently returned from my third trip to a refugee camp in Western Algeria, on the edge of the Sahara Desert where temperatures reached 135º last July and 125º this year (a cold front!). Our church has done two concerts now for the refugees, who have been living there for 30 years.

As the technical director for the church, my job was to figure out how to put on a concert in the desert. Power was obviously a problem. One my first trip, I found out that the five different camps all had main diesel generators supplying 220 @ 50hz. I found the AR-PRO. We bought one and used it for the concert last year. It worked really well and we were able to do four concerts. So this year I said, 'If we’re going back, we need to buy another one.' The team agreed and we went armed with two AR-PROs.

During the concerts, you could see the input voltage fluctuating as the generators tried to keep up with not only the demand the music was putting on it, but the rest of the camp as well (including a hospital, and radio station). The stability of the AR-PRO helped keep the concerts going. Thanks for this product that has allowed us to bring hope to a group of people living in a wasteland, where just being remembered by another country means so much.”

- Scott Tomashek
Christ The Rock Community Church

"The SPB-8 rocks! After playing over 100 different clubs in the nation for 2005, I've plugged into some pretty nasty power. Not once have I had a problem with any of my electronics, and even better, I've never had to wonder if my gear is going to go up in smoke halfway through the gig.

Small and contained, but big enough to carry the 10 pedals I need for every performance, the board makes it easy to get my gear in and out of clubs fast. With a great shoulder strap and sturdy handles, the Furman bag is what is always grabbed first out of the trailer while the rest of us are lugging in heavy road cases. And with durable construction, I've never had any damage to my board or carrying case despite the fact that it bounces across the country with 1000 pounds of gear surrounding it.

Get this Pedal Board! You won't be disappointed."

- James Jarret
Paperboy Jack

"The PF Pro R arrived earlier this week, and tonight was the first night we used it. WOW! Both my bass player and I are fanatical on sound. He used to do pro sound for movie production in Hollywood and I have played everything from county fairs to TV, recording, honky-tonks, and festivals where the power had to get such a long way from the power pole to the stage that the electricity might have crossed two time zones before hitting the amps.

It took about 30 seconds for us to realize that we were in a whole new sound spectrum after I installed the PF Pro R. I'm not kidding. Our power is locally generated from turbine engines that are in various states of calibration and efficiency. I can plug in and watch the voltage rise and fall from 110 to 115 and back again all night. We had consistent sound all night tonight for the first time ever, and comments from some diehard regulars indicated they noticed a difference in the sound.

The PF Pro R coupled with the AR-1215 I already owned, gives good power for my purposes, which is a good, clean sound that keeps the customers coming back and protects the other equipment."

- Kevin Lynch
Professional Musician

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