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Furman AC Power Management Application Guides

Home Theater Power Management - Home Entertainment - Audiophile

Garth Powell, Senior Product Designer/Sales Engineer for Furman, developed this application guide to assist you, a dealer or installer, when you are recommending Furman Home Theater AC power products. As no two systems are ever identical, this is only a general recommendation. For the sake of simplicity, we have made general recommendations.

Download link:
    -  Home Theater Product Application Guide (PDF - 5.1MB)

Product Specific TechNotes

These product-specific TechNotes are intended to assist professional users to determine how and when to utilize Furman's advanced power management technologies for their applications.

Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioner Application Guides

Besides offering unyielding AC protection to your valuable equipment. Furmanís Prestige Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioners can provide your studio a higher standard of resolution by significantly reducing your A/V systemís noise floor. Hear and see what youíve been missing!

Download link:
    -  P-2400 IT Application Guide (120V Product) (PDF - 5.3MB)
    -  P-2300 IT E Application Guide (220-240V Product) (PDF - 4.5MB)

True RMS Voltage Regulator Application Guides

For A/V professionals, a regulator must be rack mountable for easy transportation, it must be stable even when subjected to distorted AC signals from poor generators, and it must be able to handle the high current demand of large power amplifiers while protecting all connected equipment with non-sacrificial transient surge suppression. The Furman Prestige True RMS Voltage Regulators will provide you these benefits!

Download link:
    -  P-2400 AR Application Guide (120V Product) (PDF - 1.6MB)
    -  P-6900 AR E Application Guide (220-240V Product) (PDF - 5.2MB)

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